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Step Family Life

With summer quickly approaching, I can’t help but remember my own extended non custodial visits.  Because of sheer physical distance, I generally had Christmas or spring break with a month in the summer with my non custodial parent, just like so many other children and parents of divorce.  It’s a tricky thing. As exciting and […]



Have you ever been on an extended vacation to a faraway place?  It’s so exciting.  You anticipate it for weeks.  You think about it all the time in the days leading up to the trip.  And then when you get there, you feel in awestruck by everything!  Everything that’s new.  Everything that’s different.  You enjoy […]



The Evolution of Trees

by Carolyn on March 12, 2010

Today, families come in all shapes and sizes. Same sex couples with children, step families, single parent households and extended family households are becoming a larger demographic than ever before and their numbers may even be eclipsing those of the traditional nuclear family. We are no longer a culture of Cleavers living as husbands with […]



Another View on the Stepmom’s Bill of Rights

by Carolyn on January 18, 2010

I love the work that Jacque Fletcher does on her blog “Becoming a Stepmom“.  I did an interview with her (which by the way didn’t feel like an interview at all) where she made me so comfortable that I would have told her anything.  And she has written a wonderful book entitled “The Career Girl’s […]



The ties that bind

by Carolyn on October 18, 2009

I always wanted a full blooded sibling. For a couple of reasons. First, I always wished for someone to share the burden of being the last remaining relic of my parent’s marriage.  It’s hard feeling like an anchor around your parent’s ankles; tethering them to one another when they so very much wanted to be […]



The Stepfamily Letter Project

by Carolyn on October 12, 2009

Have you ever wished you could write an utterly honest letter to your father?  Stepmother?  Stepsibling?  Daughter?  Your ex husband’s wife?  Your husband?  Well, now you can do just that and post it anonymously on what I think is one of the best websites for divorced and blended families. While doing an interview a while back […]



Thoughts on Wednesday

by Carolyn on September 3, 2009

I know, I know, it’s Thursday.  I’m not contemplating the day of the week.  I’m thinking about Dr. Wednesday Martin Ph.D., and author of the new book Stepmonster.  Someone who I started reading almost by accident and to be honest, I wasn’t her biggest fan.  But as with most things that create an emotional response […]



Who let stepdads off the hook?

by Carolyn on August 18, 2009

Stepmoms have an unfortunate image to shake.  Good old Walt wasn’t kind to them and he helped stick stepmother-hood with a legacy of connotations like wicked, evil, green eyed and (step) monster.  Many stepmothers feel like they’re hated before they even begin.  That no matter how loving and attentive they are or could ever be, […]