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The Explanation

by Carolyn on September 20, 2010

Hi there. I’m not really sure how to begin, but the truth is that I wanted to post something and I didn’t want to footnote an offhanded apology or begin with a lame excuse for not writing this summer. Because I don’t really feel sorry and I don’t have any excuses.  All the same, if […]



Happy Mother’s Day 2010!

by Carolyn on May 9, 2010

Happy Mother’s Day!  Here’s to all the mom’s.  Moms who are here and moms who smile from above.  Biological moms and stepmoms.  Foster moms and adopted moms.  Moms with angels in heaven and moms at heart, trying to conceive. To all the women who give of themselves in the name of a child, we honor you today. […]



I heard this song at work today and I remembered that when it was released, I read that Kelly Clarkson had written it about the impact that her parent’s divorce has had on her since she was six years old.  But when Breakaway, this song’s album was released, I wasn’t as in tuned with all things divorce like I am now.  Today, I […]



At the Hands of Fate

by Carolyn on March 26, 2010

You choose your friends, not your family. But there are times, rare and unique times when we do get to choose our family.  The most significant example of this of course, is when we choose to marry someone thereby creating our own family.  Another example can be found through the adoption of a child.  But […]



Go ahead, ask me anything.

by Carolyn on February 26, 2010

I stumbled across an interesting website application today.  It’s called and on it, people can ask you any question and then you can answer.  You don’t need to register to ask questions or see answers.  I thought it was a neat idea so I registered!  I know I’m quite open with you all here, […]



I. Am. Canadian.

by Carolyn on February 13, 2010

The Olympics are here.  Not just here, but actually HERE, in my country.  The 2010 Winter Games are now open and I’m not sure if I can even express in words how proud I am right now to be able to call myself Canadian. Unfortunately, we Canadians can sometimes be perceived as lacking patriotism, especially […]



The Soundtrack of My Life

by Carolyn on January 23, 2010

One of my first posts was entitled Anthems.  In it, I shared my personal anthems and wrote about the connection between our music preferences and the essence of who we really are.  Here’s an excerpt: “ establishes a truly emotional connection with each of us.  And that connection makes our music preferences a very personal […]



He’s got my whole world….

by Carolyn on January 21, 2010

Last Sunday, my husband and I were lucky enough to have a ‘date’ day.  I would have preferred a ‘date’ night, but I’m still tethered to my daughter Claire after seven o’clock, so a ‘date’ day it was. My mom and stepdad graciously offered to take the kids for the entire day, leaving my husband […]