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I Don’t Know Why Elin Stayed, But I Get it

by Carolyn on April 7, 2010

I can hear the collective exasperated sigh, “Why, Elin?” He cheated on you. And not just with one woman, but with…what’s the count at now? Oh yeah, thirteen. Thirteen women. You were betrayed by him, played for a fool by him, and publicly humiliated by him. Then, he got to hide out at a rehabilitation […]



He’s got my whole world….

by Carolyn on January 21, 2010

Last Sunday, my husband and I were lucky enough to have a ‘date’ day.  I would have preferred a ‘date’ night, but I’m still tethered to my daughter Claire after seven o’clock, so a ‘date’ day it was. My mom and stepdad graciously offered to take the kids for the entire day, leaving my husband […]



Eight years down…

by Carolyn on October 20, 2009

I grew up as a child of divorce.  And then I got married. That’s a big deal. Lots of children of divorce are petrified to get married.  Scared to repeat their parent’s mistakes.  Others think nonchalantly about marriage.  It’s something that can be undone, after all.  And then there’s lots of us somewhere in the […]



Suburban turmoils

by Carolyn on September 8, 2009

Love that tagline! Have you ever read Lindsay Ferrier?  If you haven’t, you should.  She writes a column for the Nashville City Newspaper, maintains her blog Suburban Turmoil and has also blogged for Parents Magazine.  This lady is one busy writer.  With her being both a child of divorce and stepmother, I’m always interested to […]



For the child of a bad marriage

by Carolyn on June 27, 2009

I am lucky enough to already have a faithful reader and diligent commenter of my work here. And she’s not even a child of divorce! Something about my writing touches her as it has for a small handful of you who have reached out and shared your stories and feelings with me. I can hardly […]



A View on marriage

by Carolyn on June 25, 2009

Here is a question for you. How do you view marriage? Do you envision reckless love and passion all the days of your life? Do you envision shackles? Or maybe a friendly cohabitation which blossoms into more when desire bubbles to the surface? From my experience, men and women view marriage in very different ways. […]