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With summer quickly approaching, I can’t help but remember my own extended non custodial visits.  Because of sheer physical distance, I generally had Christmas or spring break with a month in the summer with my non custodial parent, just like so many other children and parents of divorce.  It’s a tricky thing. As exciting and […]



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Maybe I’ve just had weddings on the brain, but it seems like I’ve been reading about matrimony everywhere.  First, I read about the demise of the magazine Modern Bride.  Can you believe that?  The publication has been dropped.  Then Wednesday Martin posted a link last week to the art and story of a second wife’s […]



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I wrote this article for Vanessa Van Petten over at Radical Parenting It was an honor to be a guest author for such a fun and dynamic website! Experts are fairly unanimous in their support of co-parenting for children of divorce.  Both parents continuing to work closely together raising their children despite no longer being […]



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A reader asked me a question today and as I was responding, I noticed that my answer was looking less like a comment and more like a post.  I had hoped to write lots of these ‘How To’s’, so with the opportunity to write one presenting itself so blatantly, I figured why not put one […]



How To: birthday parties

by Carolyn on June 25, 2009

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After yesterday’s post, I felt like some levity was in order. I have been mulling over this post for a while now. I hope it’s tone and humour appeals to more than just us grown up children of divorce. This can be a funny subject too, you know. Some of us may not need this […]



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