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Child Custody Issues

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With summer quickly approaching, I can’t help but remember my own extended non custodial visits.  Because of sheer physical distance, I generally had Christmas or spring break with a month in the summer with my non custodial parent, just like so many other children and parents of divorce.  It’s a tricky thing. As exciting and […]



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Have you ever been on an extended vacation to a faraway place?  It’s so exciting.  You anticipate it for weeks.  You think about it all the time in the days leading up to the trip.  And then when you get there, you feel in awestruck by everything!  Everything that’s new.  Everything that’s different.  You enjoy […]



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Yesterday I read the most interesting article about children of divorce.  It discussed the impact of divorce and the issues that can arise from them dealing with an equal physical custody arrangement.  No new information really, as I happily skimmed along. And then I read it.  And I had to read it again.  All I […]



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A reader asked me a question today and as I was responding, I noticed that my answer was looking less like a comment and more like a post.  I had hoped to write lots of these ‘How To’s’, so with the opportunity to write one presenting itself so blatantly, I figured why not put one […]



Equal physical custody? You try it.

by Carolyn on July 21, 2009

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I started a bit of a kerfuffle on another site the other day and I decided to write an opinion piece to reflect it.  I didn’t think I would be writing these, but the topic is interesting and I’d love to hear other people’s perspectives: Child custody.  There aren’t many topics as polarizing as this […]



House hopping

by Carolyn on July 6, 2009

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Adolescent years are a challenge.  For everyone involved.  Young individuals searching, yearning for their  independence though not yet prepared to manage the cost/benefit scales of life.  Crazed parents hurt by their child’s sudden rebuttals and scared by both their loss of control and their child’s inability to make consistent good choices.  These years are typically […]