In search of me – Day 18

by Carolyn on July 30, 2009

Mother and son at a food bank

Mother and son at a food bank

Do you give enough to those less fortunate than you?


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1 Tammy July 30, 2009 at 8:34 pm

We as a family are trying give. Our church just had a food drive for the downtown mission and also for a pregnancy help centre in the area. We went as a family and shopped like we would for us for a week and also for the nessecities of a new mom. The kids loved it and we did too. From that my husband organized a food drive at his work( they are working a lot of OT and he felt they were fortunate and there are many people in our area who have lost there jobs, they should give back). He has gotten cash donantions from out of town workers and will either go shopping or give it to the mission to buy what they need. Also some of the companies they have contracted to do work at the plant are now doing their own food drive to add to what his plant is doing. I am very proud of what he has been doing.

I know we should do more and we will but it is hard with 3 little ones. We want to do habitat for humanity and I would love to be a big sister one day. They will happen but not for a few years.


2 Carolyn July 30, 2009 at 10:29 pm

Bravo Tammy! You are certainly doing your part.

As for me…I’d say yes and no.
We give. My husband and I are the kind of people who give when we can. While driving home from my daughter’s baptism we stopped for a man holding a ‘will work for food’ sign and gave him most of the food we were bringing home. My sons last birthday, we asked for no gifts for him but for guests to bring either a non perishable food item or small toy for the holiday toy drive. I’ve never been more proud as a parent than when I watched my four year old bring all those toys to our local fire hall’s Sparky’s Toy Drive. No tears. No complaints. I have volunteered at our Downtown Mission and of course there is my community program.

But still. It doesn’t feel like enough. I look around at how fortunate we are. I look at all the food in our pantry. All the ‘stuff’ that surrounds us. And I know I should be doing more. it seems crazy that we could be contemplating putting a pool in our backyard when others are losing their homes. I know we have worked hard for what we have and others may have made mistakes but I’m not sure that really matters…to me.

Have you ever heard the song What It’s Like by Everlast? It’s worth a listen to if you haven’t. There’s a line in that song that I always think of when I hear people talking about how the poor are poor because of their own laziness or bad decisions. The line goes: You know where it ends, though it usually depends on where you start. Yes, some people can climb their way out of poverty. But without the basic life skills necessary to succeed in this world, it’s pretty hard.

So yes, I give, but not enough. I’m not sure what enough would even be.


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