A wave is coming

by Carolyn on June 25, 2009

now this is a beautiful wave!

now this is a beautiful wave!

I love imagery. I don’t know about you; but when I’m reading, I see a little movie in my head. I can create that movie simply from translating the words on the page into images myself, but those images tend to be blurry. Muddied by my own perceptions and connotations. But when a gifted poet or author uses a gleaming image in their work, it brings my movie into crystal clear focus. A proficient use of literary imagery can make a reader smell, see, feel, touch and even hear things that are not actually there. It’s magic. And invaluable as a literary tool. For we all know that a picture tells a thousand words. And when a scene is set so brilliantly; as a reader sometimes you feel like you could drown in it. Like if you let your fingertips scrape off the ledge of reality, you could fall right into the midst of it.

We all have our quiet moments. Times when we are sitting alone, listening to some music, having a glass of wine, driving. What do you think about in those moments? Sometimes I think of images. I take an issue or topic that I’ve been thinking about. Something that’s been tickling at the back of my neck. And I try to assign an image to it that will allow me to explore it in an unrestricted way. This visualization exercise allows me to feel the issue from all sides. To really focus and actually see it from any angle I choose. It was during one of these moments, alone and listening to some Radiohead, that I thought of the image I’m going to share with you now.

The Wave

Divorce rates mushroomed in the 1970′s and continued to sharply increase from there. This increase in the prevalence of divorce left in it’s wake a lot of kids just like me. Children of divorce. I remember feeling like there weren’t a lot of kids like me growing up. Even now as an adult, I would say I’m a relative minority among my peers. But there are a lot of us. A lot more than there were before us. And we are growing. We are the first of our mushroom to grow into adults. To get married. To start families. And though in my opinion we are a sub population that is not acknowledged, make no mistake; we will have an impact. How we relate to others, form relationships, conduct our marriages…everything we do as a consequence of our experience will have an effect on our society.

And so here comes the wave. We started as a small swell with divorce being both the wind at our backs and the features of the ocean floor. Shaping us. Pushing us forward. And as the years have gone by, we have grown. And so has our wave. Silently and steadily moving towards the shore. Now, thirty years later I think we are cresting. I can feel the barrel forming. We have spouses, children, careers, or not. All affected by that same wind and ocean floor. All that is yet to be seen is how we will shape the coastline once our wave crashes in.


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